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CAN MELATONIN REALLY HELP YOU SIBO, LEAKY GUT AND POOR DIGESTION? I’m always up for a good conversation on the idea of super physiologic dosing with Melatonin. Research clearly shows that it combat stress (Ref), is anti aging (Ref), protects against infections through the inflamasomes (Ref), repairs cells in the body like the brain and cardiovascular and…



GlutaStat contains 30mL of GlutaStat™ for Intra Nasal (or Nebulized) Application. This product is flagship anti microbial product for upper respiratory and sinus health. This works remarkably well as a nasal spray as well as for nebulizing. Infection are very prevalent in many people who are not symptomatic! These infections can reside deep in the nasal passage…

Semax Information

Semax Information

Analogue of adrenocorticotropic hormone 4-10 heptapeptide Semax, while not possessing hormonal activity, retains a significant part of the spectrum of nootropic effects of natural melanocortins. Semax has nootropic, neuroprotective, anxiolytic, antidepressant and analgesic effects, and is shown to affect the development of the central nervous system in animal studies. The observed effects of Semax can be mediated by…

What we know about the structures of human brain (and what we don’t)

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