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Chinese Protocol for COVID-19

What Chinese doctors have learned from autopsies

Ways to prevent coronavirus

The virus starts in the throat, nose, facial mucous and in 3-4 days moves to lungs with a thick mucous which blocks the airways.  Methods to prevent the mucous from thickening and entering your lungs helps prevention

  1. Sip warm water every 20 minutes daily; drink hot liquids- tea, coffee, eat warm foods, this washes the virus into the stomach where stomach acids destroy it.
  2. Avoid eating cold foods and drinking cold drinks
  3. Increase vitamin C and zinc levels
  4. Daily gargle with warm vinegar, lemon or salt water
  5. When return home, remove shoes outside or at door, go straight to shower because the virus attaches to hair and clothes and wash clothes. Alternatively clothes can be hung  directly in sun to kill the virus
  6. The virus stays on metallic surfaces up to 9 days so be careful of handles and railings…and cleaning surfaces that contact.
  7. Wash hands every 20 minutes with a foaming soap
  8. Don’t smoke
  9. Animals don’t transmit the virus to people. Transmission of virus is person to person

My take: I use Hypochlorous Acid (Briotech) and spray this on my face, arms and hands. I regularly spray my phone, areas I touch in my car etc. HCLA is the most effective antiviral I know of. Then I use GlutaStat Nasal Spray 2-3 times a day and at the end of the day nebulize GlutaStat. I also take Sandman with super dose Glutathione and Melatonin before bed. I am doing an injectable Vit D, B-12/6/MIC and high dose Vit C IV each week! I am taking zinc, selenium and olive leaf extract daily. This is my basic program and I will keep you up on what I am doing in ou news letter so make sure you sign up today. Also I am quarantining my dog just in case! 🙁

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