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The Coronavirus is an RNA flu virus, similar to the SARS virus, that mutates very quickly to adapt to its host and usually can be traced back to wild animals. Because some citizens of China (and other countries) eat bats or pangolins, these types of viruses have often times originated from China in the last decades. The relatively recent increase in travel to and from China has facilitated the spread of the virus to other countries. 
The coronavirus affects mostly middle aged men (around 45 years of age, with a mortality rate higher than the flu). Individuals over 65 with some pre-existing health problems, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes display the highest mortality rate.
The best way to protect yourself from this virus is to wash your hands often, and to not touch your eyes, nose and mouth before washing your hands. The coronavirus symptoms are fever, a dry cough, slight nasal congestion and strong muscular pains. The incubation period can last up to three weeks and after the onset of symptoms, the evolution of the flu is quite fast. Those who end up having complications are not able to get through the two day mark at home and have to be hospitalized. Glutathione is one of the best anti oxidants for viral immunity and should be considered in both a prevention as well as treatment. Due to Glutathione being unavailable orally due to absorption issues the ABC line of Glutathione Suppositories are a great option to keep Glutathione levels high.
Next Glutagenics’s GlutaStat™ nasal sprays (can be nebulized) has proven to be extremely safe and effective against many upper respiratory infections including the common flu, and we would like to share our protocols with all of you:
Prevention: GlutaStat™ NS – Spray 2 times in each nostril 2 times a day/one in the am, another one in the pm. GlutaMax™ 600 x1 at bedtime nightly.
Treatment: at the first sign of symptoms/flu, start using the GlutaStat Nasal Spray 4/5 times a day and place 1.5ml of GlutaStat™ into our Mini Nebulizer and nebulize 2-3 times a day until symptoms disappear, usually in 1.5-2 days. GlutaMax™ 600 x1 at bedtime nightly.

Learn how ARDS is the primary cause of death with CV. Treat the lung and upper respiratory tissues directly with GlutaStat!

What is so great about GlutaStat is that it gets the anti microbials directly to the area which needs it most and where most viral infections start which is in the nasal mucosa.

GlutaStat™ gets the anti microbials directly to the area which needs it most and where most viral infections start which is in the nasal mucosa.

Optional Sinus Rinse Protocol: Create the irrigation rinse using the NeilMed bottle or something similar and ad 5ml’s of GlutaStat™ to this bottle and a pinch of pink salt then top the bottle off with distilled water. NOTE: For even better coverage you can get better coverage throughout the sinus cavity if you go on all fours, place your forehead on the floor and hold it there for 30 seconds then turn your head right and left and this can coat the antimicrobials throughout the upper sinus cavity!

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I wish all of you the best of luck through the flu/coronavirus season and we hope that this factual information contributes to lessening the collective wave of worry regarding this new virus.

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Dr. John Lieurance

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